The ILS Experience.

What is Illinois Leadership Seminar?

Illinois Leadership Seminars is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that exists to make a difference and teach life-long leadership skills to high school students in Illinois who demonstrate a spark of leadership. We encourage leadership development by:

  • Providing the essential tools and skills for leadership development
  • Exposing students to a broad spectrum of views and opinions
  • Creating an open and inclusive environment in which thoughts and ideas may be freely exchanged
  • Instilling an appreciation for the diversity of the world
  • Providing on-going support through our alumni group, volunteers and other opportunities


Leaders participate in team-building activities, community service, a talent showcase, small group discussions; listen to motivational speakers and panels of key leaders from various industries and much more.

We encourage leadership development through emphasis on personal responsibility, volunteerism, increased awareness of social and community issues, and an open-minded analysis of all sides of an issue when making decisions.

Upcoming Events

There is nothing scheduled as of right now.

The Illinois Leadership Seminar to me means so much. I thought that it was just going to be lectures and speakers all discussing how to lead. I was wrong. The effect that ILS has on the sophomores who come through it is too great for words, and the fact that this change can happen in just two days is simply amazing. Illinois Leadership Seminar is one organization that I would like to stay with for as long as I can.
Chris, LeaderAlan B. Shepherd High School (2008)

customLogoILS is accredited by the National Society for Youth Leadership (NSYL)