Alumni Association

Friends for a Lifetime.

ILS is very proud to have an active network of alumni who promote youth leadership all year round in various ways. So, tell me, who are alumni? And what does an alumni do? Those are great questions! Alumni are students who have participated in any one of the ILS Flagship Seminars or iLeads!

The alumni association itself is governed by leaders under 21 years old; however, activities and events involve all alumni, even those over 21. This supports the continuous cultivation of alumni as they grow in their leadership abilities and experiences and allows for greater mentorship opportunities as time goes on.

Why do we have an alumni assocation? Another great question! The Illinois Leadership Seminars engages with some of the best student leaders all over the state! In today's globally connected world, students need and want an avenue in which they can network with all types of leaders. The best part about this is that we provide alumni opportunities to network with Leaders not only from Illinois, but also with any Leaders from a state that is associated with National Society for Youth Leadership (NSYL). This list includes the states of California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin!

The ILS Alumni Association is active throughout the year in many ways. In addition to monthly meetings, alumni organize and lead reunions, fundraisers, community service activities, and also participate in their own leadership programming. The alumni also plan iLeads.

Upcoming Alumni Meetings

There is nothing scheduled as of right now.

Alumni Association
Executive Board

Ben Lennartz
Vice President
Kaitlyn Marquardt
Sam Cailey
Recruitment Director
Ripal Shah and Kammi Martin-Giacalone
Reunion Director
Paige Auckland and Tony Catinella
Fundraising Director
Lia Goduto
Community Service Director
Maren Anderson

Alumni Advisor
Kristin Nickels and Amanda Lemm