Our Flagship Seminar. Miniaturized.

We wish every student in Illinois could experience our flagship seminar, we really do! Unfortunately, that would be impossible for us to pull off. We understand that there are other students who are just as qualified as the Leaders who attend our Flagship Seminar and we wanted to help them out! That's where the idea of an iLead (llinois Leadership Enhancement and Development) started!

An iLead is a one day seminar that is open to high school students of all grades (as opposed to our Flagship Seminar which is only open to sophomores). It is planned, staffed and ran by our alumni. That means that students who attend an iLead are getting the best experience possible; after all, if the people who are planning the iLead attended our Flagship Seminar, the iLead should resemble its content pretty closely!

Remember though, just like every Flagship Seminar is unique, so is each iLead! A key part of our iLeads are their focus on the immediate community. These needs are identified by the alumni that are responsible for planning and organizing the specific iLead. Rest assured, though, that you will have a great experience and will have a greater understanding of what our Flagship Seminar is truly like.

Furthermore, one of the best parts of participating in an iLead is that after completing the one day seminar, you are considered an ILS alumni! This means that if you're interested in going through the Flagship Seminar as a Leader, you can! It also means you can attend our alumni meetings, be on our team of staff members who make our Flagship Seminar a success and even run for a position on our Alumni Board!

Upcoming iLeads

There is nothing scheduled as of right now.

The initiative for planning an iLead is often taken by an alumni from the area. However, if you feel your community could benefit from an iLead, please contact us and we will try to help you out!