Our Programs. Our Impact.

Illinois Leadership Seminars has multiple ways to get involved. There's our Flagship Seminar (which we hold once a year), our iLeads (which we hold at various times throughout the year) and there's our fundraising efforts (which we are constantly working on). Regardless of how you choose to get involved in ILS, you should know that the impact you will help us make as an organization is enormous.

At the 2013 Flagship Seminar, we impacted the lives of 131 Leaders from across the state. At the start of the seminar, we asked them eight questions. At the end of the seminar, we asked them the same eight questions. Their responses are shown in the graph below.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 5.48.19 PM

You can see the size of our impact. In under 72 hours, these 131 leaders saw their confidence grow tremendously on topics ranging from being a leader to speaking in public to helping to change the world.

Our Leaders include high school students, college graduates, mentors, class presidents, athletes, volunteers, actors and ice skaters. There's room for everyone and there's room for everyone to be themselves.

Our impact speaks for itself. Why wait any longer? Get involved with ILS now through one of our many programming opportunities.